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My name is Nic (Nicola) Pendregaust and I offer professional counselling and coaching services in Tonbridge, Hildenborough, Sevenoaks - Kent & the wider West Kent area. These are face to face (Hildenborough), on-line (video) or telephone. Helping you find clarity for lasting positive change, to live life well.

Helping you find clarity

You’ll find more information here about what I can help with and how I use the combination of my counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy skills to help you make the lasting positive changes you want. So if there is something that might be taking you off track at the moment, in making this happen, get in touch with me.

I am based in Tonbridge, offering face to face  sessions at (Nizels Hildenborough), telephone, video (Zoom) counselling together with walk & talk therapy.

I offer a free informal 20-minute session so that you can see if I’m the right counsellor for you, to make sure you feel comfortable moving forward with therapy.

I offer on-line coaching as well, giving us flexibility to work together, whatever our locations.


Counselling can help you make positive emotional change in your life when you are faced with issues such as perimenopause & menopause, stress & anxiety, grief & loss, relationships and confidence & self-esteem.

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Perimenopause & Menopause

Talking therapy can help support you during this time of personal loss, change & opportunity. It’s a chance to create the life you choose to live for the rest of your life. Your midlife matters.

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Helping You

Counselling can help improve self, relationships and family dynamics. For some it is about taking some out to reflect on their own personal journey and growth.  Having therapy can help provide true insight, support and new approaches to different life challenges.  I can help you take an honest look at your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, learn more about yourself and take control and responsibility for bringing about lasting positive change.

Perimenopause & Menopause

Physical & emotional experiences of perimenopause and menopause can be challenging & debilitating. I can help you explore the sense of personal loss during midlife, as well as the opportunities it brings.

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Stress & Anxiety

We have underlying causes and triggers for our stress & anxiety be it life style changes or career or work issues to name a few.

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Whatever your relationship issue, be it with family, close friend or partner, I can work with you individually to explore your needs and gain perspective on what you want from your relationship with them.

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Grief & Loss

Loss comes in many forms, but most recognisably the death of someone you were close to and who was important to you.

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Confidence & Self-esteem

If you are lacking confidence & self-esteem, I can work with you on exploring its origins and becoming more assertive, confident and self-aware.

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A Renewed You

About Me

I’m a qualified counsellor and coach, supporting you with perimenopause & menopause, stress & anxiety, grief & loss, relationships and confidence & self-esteem.My background is in HR, 23 years in corporate life in fact – training, recruitment, learning and development, requiring my coaching, mentoring and from time to time counselling skills. Over time I noticed my passion to want to help people at a deeper level, so I decided to become a counsellor and coach. I didn’t look back.

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“Nic is one of those counsellors that allows you the time, space and freedom to say whatever you need to, without judgement or criticism. She guided me through a process, to be open, to question myself, find the answers and in some ways, challenge those answers in order to move forward.”

"Thank you very much Nic, you made the sessions a safe and happy space. I always felt comfortable and that I was in good hands. Nic always demonstrated empathy, compassion and calmness but also a curiosity and open-mindedness that helped me see and approach new situations differently going forward."

Nic’s approach to therapy is so refreshing. Connection is so important, and I found this with Nic straight away. She provides you the space and time to walk through whatever it is in a gentle relaxed manner free from judgement. Nic held the torch, whilst I embarked on a journey of self-discovery working through my traumas of loss, emotional abuse and life changing events. I truly gained ‘clarity’ in every aspect of my life to ‘live life well’ feeling empowered and stronger.

"I attended counselling with Nic for several months to help me work through my grief after bereavement. Our sessions together helped me make sense of what I was going through and acted as a safety valve for me through difficult times. Our work together enabled me to begin accepting my loss and understand how I could live a positive life despite my grief."

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I offer face to face sessions (at Nizels, Hildenborough), as well as offering alternatives. These are telephone,  video (Zoom) counselling or walk & talk therapy. Drop me a line for support, using the form or the details below.

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