Summer lovin’, happened so fast…

Summer lovin', happened so fast. So, this is the ‘mind the gap’ midlife stop off for you, my gift to you this Summer holiday.

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Feeling & experiencing ‘loss’

Experiencing loss is part of life. We usually associate grief with the death of a loved one but any kind of big change or serious loss, can cause us grief.

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Menopause at work – tips for working during our midlife

Menopause at work - tips for managing our working lives during our midlife. How can you best support yourself & educate your employer at work.

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Clarity, Perfectionism & Productivity

Clarity, Perfectionism & Productivity - Tune into a podcast with myself & Libby Knight – business mentor, talking perfectionism, procrastination, comparisonitis & productivity.

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Face to face counselling returns

Face to face counselling returns. Allow me: Helping you find clarity – for a renewed you.

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Mental overload – regaining clarity

How to step away from the drama & not buy a ticket to the circus. What are our 'go to's' to regain clarity, when we feel mental overload.

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Sleep strategies – top five tips for a good night’s sleep

Five tips for a good night’s sleep. We spend about a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is vital for maintaining good mental & physical health. Sleep is when the body does its vital repairing, restoring, and cleaning.

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Self-confidence & self-esteem – five ways to boost

Is this you? Do you find yourself constantly questioning yourself, worrying if you are attractive enough, smart enough, successful enough? Sound familiar? Do you find yourself consumed by what others’ think of you?

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Resolutions – are you into them I wonder?

New Year often begins with alot of chatter about 'making resolutions' - have you made yours?

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Stress: ‘Oh I say it’s tough, I have had enough, can you stop the cavalry?’

How can we best look after ourselves during our perimenopause? (and with the Christmas countdown starting too – with less than 4 weeks to go)

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Grief & Loss

Stressful life events, paired with the emotional and physical symptoms of the perimenopause & menopause which can make it an uncomfortable transition, can cause us to feel overwhelmed & distressed.

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