Walk and Talk Therapy

What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

You may experience possible feelings of discomfort and/or awkwardness sat opposite a counsellor in a room.  ‘Walk and Talk’ therapy offers us an alternative option: Namely, therapy in the fresh air combined with a walk, connecting to nature.

Helping you find Clarity

What are the benefits of Walk and Talk therapy?

Being out in nature helps relaxation, promotes a sense of calm and reduces our stress. Walking generates momentum, which can help us if we feel stuck or trapped and help with the flow of our thoughts & emotions. Exercise too, releases endorphins to improve our mood and boost our energy levels. Movement is known to be helpful for processing our emotions and encourages creative, deeper ways of thinking. Clients often report that they have experienced an emotional breakthrough at the end of a ‘walk and talk’ session.

There is a sense of freedom being out in the great outdoors to release built up emotions through regulated breathing. Time to pause, reflect, process and engage in the here and now, which is very soothing and gently enhances your physiological and mental wellbeing. Enabling you to give yourself the space to notice, observe and explore your choices from the different parts of yourself. ⁣

Being connected to the outside world can be beneficial. Walking and talking can help with depression and anxiety, loss and grief or any kind of difficult life transitions you may be facing – personal, relationship-based, family or work related.  Walking can help to ground you.

You can set the pace, and if you want to stop and look at something, or sit on a bench to reflect, that’s all part of the therapeutic experience. ‘Walk & Talk’ therapy is a wonderful alternative to sitting indoors.

How does it work? - our first & future sessions

Our first session will be online (via ZOOM) for introductions, to get to know each other and assess how I can support you and for you to feel comfortable with ‘walk & talk’ therapy.  During your first session we will also discuss issues of confidentiality and how you will negotiate encountering other people when out walking. Whatever the location or environment, seeing people walking and talking side by side is a very common sight. A client and therapist walking side by side don’t look any different.

If bad weather prevents the ‘walking & talking’ session from happening, the counselling session will take place over Zoom. All ‘walking & talking’ sessions will take place during daylight hours only.

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How to get in touch

For a 20 minute informal chat to see if I am the right therapist for you, you can book a session here: calendly.com/clarity-kent

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