Stress & Anxiety

We have underlying causes and triggers for our stress & anxiety be it life style changes or career or work issues to name a few. I can help you to identify the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to your stress and anxiety and work with you on personal strategies and tools & techniques to react effectively, manage and cope with these emotions.

Counselling with me can help you to:

  • Explore and recognise the underlying causes of your stress and anxiety
  • Look at your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to your stress
  • Gain insight and self-understanding of your triggers and discuss ways of coping with them
  • Offer personalised coping strategies to manage stressful situations
  • Improve your ability to handle pressure and your reactions to it
  • Learn effective tools & techniques to help manage it

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Helping You

Having therapy can help provide true insight, support and new approaches to different life challenges.  I can help you take an honest look at your thoughts, feelings and behaviours’ learn more about yourself and take control and responsibility for bringing about lasting positive change. I can also help you with...


Whatever your relationship issue, be it with family, close friend or partner, I can work with you individually and with your partner too.

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Grief & Loss

Loss comes in many forms, but most recognisably the death of someone you were close to and who was important to you.

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Confidence & Self-esteem

If you are lacking confidence & self-esteem, I can work with you on exploring its origins and becoming more assertive, confident and self-aware.

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A Renewed You

Get In Touch

Going through difficult times with COVID-19 or maybe beginning to emerge from them now, can bring up mixed emotions and challenge our mental health. There are alternatives to meeting up face to face.  We can speak on the telephone, via an on-line face to face video session (Zoom) or walk & talk therapy.  Drop me a line for support, using the form or the details below.

T: 07771 054258

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